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New Project 2023-2024


Our centre would provide them real hands-on
short courses in:


(including roofing and gutter mounting)

(with a workshop on solar cooking).

Students are offered short courses with active on-site workshops for them to learn not only in books but also the real business.


This project applies to the most disadvantaged
youths of Wamba.
For local teenagers aged
14 to 19
[Standard 8 leavers]
to learn a skill for employment to gain income to support themselves and their families.


Many teenagers, find themselves in difficult situations without being able to afford secondary education and looking for a job without any skill.


Giving youth the tools to learn specific trade/skill empowers them and the people around them: at the Naapu Technical Training [NTT] we will be introducing gutters-making to harvest rain water and solar cooking, by the means of harvesting the sun for smokeless cost free food preparation - these two assets are a first/new for the the majority of the whole Northern Territory.


Empowered young people with a useful know-how.
No risks of becoming part of terrorist groups, recruiting young men in the whole Northern Territory.


Self supporting youth of the village would set up their own shop and generate small income by filling orders of local clients and dealing with Wamba Catholic Hospital daily repairs.

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