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puti's class, Calleri ECDC


Story & Mission

The Calleri ECDC was opened at its present location in 2012, the structure is divided between two classrooms, a kitchen, a playground, a watchman shelter.

We strive to:

  • Provide a “fair start” in education following the Kenyan curriculum for Pre-Primary Schools. 

  • Two classes: Pre-Primary 1 for 3-4 y-old and Pre-Primary 2 for 5-6 y-old children.

  • Monitor child health and nutrition.

  • Provide a daily meal.

  • Offer daycare for 2-3 years old children.

  • Accept disabled children from the Huruma Home.

  • Offer “work fo fees” programme for parents or guardians.

The school is led by very capable women that have a real understanding of our mission and strive to fulfil it in every aspect.

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